Improvements to Southeastern Trains

Anna and Rail Minister

Anna meeting with Claire Perry MP (Rail Minister)

During the general election I received countless e-mails, messages and complaints about the delays, unreliability and over-crowding on Southeastern trains, coupled with poor and inconsistent information regarding disruption, and also inadequate compensation.  Too often a dull but necessary journey was turned into a total nightmare with little or no apparent appreciation of the stress and frustration that is felt by customers often several times a week.  For this reason I started an online rail petition “Sort it Southeastern” which I presented to the Rail Minister, Claire Perry MP, in Parliament just before the general election and I have continued to lobby her ever since regarding the on-going frustration with Southeastern railway felt by Erith & Thamesmead residents.

I am very pleased to say that following various meetings and correspondence I have today received a letter from the rail Minister assuring me that, although she can not be specific on timescales at this stage, she has taken on board my concerns and is working as closely as she can with Southeastern with the aim of seeing more trains and/or carriages being introduced on Southeastern from next year.

The first step is for Southeastern to negotiate access to more rolling stock.  Once located the Minister would hope to be in a position to seek an investment decision by the first quarter of 2016 which, if positive, would see more trains and carriages being introduced during 2016.

This would be very good news for Southeastern passengers and has only been delivered by relentless lobbying on the part of all neighbouring Conservative MP’s, the Leader of Bexley Council, and parliamentary spokesmen.