Get ready for a cleaner and greener Bexley!

Clean & Green

Your Bexley Conservative Councillors have published their budget proposals for 2017/18. The proposals will help transform the Borough, making it one of the cleanest and greenest in London.

Under the Conservative proposals, Bexley residents will see:

The four main town centres receiving new weekly deep cleans for the first time ever, with the purchase of a new heavy duty cleaning vehicle – at the moment, town centres do not receive a deep clean at all. Secondary town centres will also have at least a monthly deep clean for the first time as well.

A huge investment in planting and maintaining new trees, with £100,000 being invested over the next two years alone.

An additional £90,000 for cutting grass, verges and hedges across the borough.

More resources for Community Safety and food hygiene.

A new budget line of £83,000 in 2017/18 for cleaning and improving multi-storey car parks, with specific team assigned to those car parks from 18/19 onwards.

The reinstatement of litter collection beats and a “rapid response” litter clearing team.

A new fund of £40,000 to help community organisations wishing to form “Friends of… ” or Community garden groups get started. 

And plans agreed last year to reduce the number of times residential roads are cleaned are not being implemented.

Setting out the new proposals at the Cabinet Meeting on 23rd January, Cllr Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Environment and Leisure, said:

“These proposals will transform the look of our Borough.

The new budget for trees is at a level far higher than any budgets in the past, and the ability to give our key town centres a deep clean on a weekly basis is a level of service we have never been able to offer before.

The extra resources for cutting the grass and hedges across the borough will have a significant impact. My colleagues and I are proud to put forward these plans to ensure Bexley is the cleaner and greener Borough.

However, they can only be implemented if all Councillors vote for them at the Budget Council in March, and I challenge Labour Councillors to confirm they will join with us to vote FOR this budget.”


The overall budget proposals put forward by the Cabinet will see £300million invested in providing services for Bexley residents, ranging from repairing roads and pavements and collecting waste, to caring for vulnerable adults and children who need help, as well as libraries, parks, leisure centres and schools and all the other services provided by the Conservative Council.

Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, said:

“Our budget plans will see £300million invested in providing good public services for the residents of this great Borough.

While other Councils are still struggling to balance the books, the fact we are able to start increasing investment in key areas of the Council is testament to the hard work that has been undertaken over recent years.”

The final decisions on the budget will be taken at the Budget Council meeting on Wednesday 1st March, starting at 7.30pm.