Edward Baxter

Edward Baxter and PM

Edward with the Prime Minister, Theresa May

Edward has served as a Councillor, school governor and volunteer adviser to small businesses. He is a businessman, working with manufacturing and energy companies

Edward is married to Elizabeth and they have a toddler.

Edward says:

I am passionate about our area. I am standing with Theresa May because we need her strong and stable leadership in the national interest. Please lend us your vote once in this unique election, because every single vote will strengthen the UK’s negotiating position on Brexit. As your next MP, I will fight for better transport links for Erith and Thamesmead – rail, road, and river – sensitively placed. I champion affordable housing and outstanding schools for everyone. To get what we want for our families, we need an economy that works for everyone, not one broken by Labour with budgets that don’t add up.


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