Belvedere Beach is Coming!

Belvedere Beach Plan

Residents in Belvedere and across Bexley will soon be able to spend every day on the beach.

This follows the decision by Bexley’s Conservative Councillors at the recent Bexley Council Cabinet meeting to create a brand new playground right at the heart of Belvedere.

Anna Firth, the Conservative Party Parliamentary Spokesperson for Erith and Thamesmead, was praised at the Cabinet meeting for the positive ideas she had put forward for this new playground.

Due to open next year, the all-new Belvedere Beach will be an innovative and unique landmark facility operating year round including features tailored for people with disabilities so they can make the most of all the new facility has to offer. It will be a place for families and friends to meet up and enjoy themselves, open all year round.”

Cllr Peter Craske, Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Environment and Leisure said two of the key features to note in particular are:

  • Sensory features include stainless-steel percussion instruments, low-level water play, select areas of planting, texture from materials (equipment and ground types) and colour coded activities.
  • Stand out play features include accessible roundabout that is suitable for wheelchairs and able-bodied users alike.

This decision delivers another Bexley Conservative pledge, creating this new playground exactly as promised; and this new facility will complement the playground on the other side of the road, which, contrary to bizarre claims being made, is going to remain exactly where it is – at the heart of the Belvedere community.

Cllr Philip Read, who represents Northumberland Heath Ward and is Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said, “It was unfortunate that the Labour Councillors and the short-sighted campaign funded and run by their Party did not seek to engage constructively at the early stages of this process. Instead, they preferred to stand on the sidelines throwing metaphorical stones.

“As a result, they helped nobody and let down those they purport to represent. The only constructive contribution came from Anna Firth the Conservative candidate in Erith & Thamesmead at last May’s general election and now the Conservative Party’s local Parliamentary Spokesperson.

“Anna and the Conservative Party put forward the suggestion that has led to finding a way to develop the park’s potential for year round use rather than for just two or three months. Some malicious ill-informed idiots would like people to believe we planned to sell the park. That was a lie peddled whilst we worked hard to create a playground that will be unique and different with an educational and developmental bias including areas such as sensory play which is so important for many children.

“The result of all that hard work is Belvedere Beach which will be an exceptional facility targeting the needs of children with disabilities of one form or another.

“Bexley should be very proud of Belvedere Beach and ignore the sterile contributions of those in the Labour Party who lack the ability to welcome change for the better.”